The easiest sweet treats this winter

Arm yourself with a can of sweetened condensed milk and some quick dessert recipes for a sweet winter this year.

The winter has truly set in all over the country, and while you love the season, cooking extensive meals takes its toll on you.

Washing up a spate of ingredients in freezing water, forcing your numb hands to knead, chop, roll, split and maneuver your food into delicious recipes all results in you spending a lot of time whipping up meals instead of relaxing on your couch with a blanket. It’s true that a warm kitchen is a source of comfort in the winter months, but it is even more comforting to cook a sweet recipe quickly and devour it in the embrace of your sofa or bed!

So, which are the quick and easy winter sweets you can make? We recommend going with the tried and tested gulab jamun, or gajar ka halwa, or anjeer ka halwa. But wait – if you are going to use the traditional recipes to make these, then you will spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Take a less complicated way out – make gulab jamuns and other sweet treats in just a few steps using Milkmaid condensed milk.

Condensed milk in desserts – why didn’t you think of this sooner?

When you use condensed milk in Indian or Western desserts, you end up saving not just time and effort, but also two ingredients – milk and sugar.

Condensed milk imparts a rich creaminess to the dessert, whether it is cake or halwa, gulab jamun or smoothies. The texture of the dish becomes decadent and velvety, thus satiating the eater much more. Also, condensed milk mixes quickly without leaving any lumps in other dry ingredients like sugar – you often see this happening when you use a material like khoya and paneer. Thus, your prep time is reduced, and the end result is even more delicious than before.

Milkmaid has so many easy winter dessert recipes that you will be left wondering which one to start with first. They minimize cooking time and have just a few steps to follow, so even amateur cooks can whip up delicious sweet treats in just a few minutes. For instance, the usual method of preparing gulab jamuns will have you sweating over the cooktop for at least two hours. But with the condensed milk recipe, you are done and dusted in just about 30 minutes from start to finish. And the recipe only calls for about 3 steps in all!

Desserts for the winter – essential ingredients

* Ghee: We recommend upping your intake of clarified butter or ghee during the winter months. It aids absorption of nutrients, better joint health, improved digestion, and increased warmth.

* Fibrous fruit and vegetables: Whenever possible, include fruit and vegetables like carrots, beetroot, sweet potato, oranges, guava and apples to get the maximum benefit of dietary fiber.

* Full fat milk: To add good fats to your diet and increase warmth.