The Top Winery Tours of Yarra Valley

If there is one activity you should not miss when you’re visiting the highly-acclaimed Yarra Valley, it’s joining the winery tours. There are over seventy wineries found in the region, offering world-class quality wines you won’t easily find elsewhere. In the same manner, there are various winery tours you can join if you want to visit winery restaurants, small wine boutiques, and vintage family-owned vineyards.

Wild Wombat Winery Tours

The Wild Wombat Winery Tours is one of the most informative and fun tours the Yarra Valley can offer. It offers a personalized and flexible touring of 4 to 5 wineries plus a gourmet winery lunch, which includes some of the best food and wines found in the region. If you are going out in a social tour, you can request which wineries you want to visit. The tour is very relaxing and comfortable, offering high-end tour vehicles that could accommodate up to 11 persons.

Wine Tours Victoria

Wine Tours Victoria offers one of the most flexible tours in Yarra Valley. Rather than a fixed itinerary, the tour destinations depend on the request of the guests. A typical tour includes an outdoor morning tea, a sumptuous lunch, and a visit to up to 5 wineries. Wine Tours Victoria offers door-to-door pickup from all Melbourne CBD hotels and makes sure every guest is brought back to their accommodations safe and satisfied. With their experienced driver/host, you will surely have one of the most unforgettable winery tours in the region.

Driven Indulgence

Driven Indulgence offers a very affordable luxurious tour of Yarra Valley wineries. They specialize in personalized private wine tours, offering guests their own guide, host, and driver. Driven Indulgence works with you choosing a particular date to take the tour and picking a wine region to visit. If you have your own car with you, you only need to pick a driver. If not, you will be offered a luxury car of your choice. With this flexibility, you can have the winery tour of your dreams with Driven Indulgence!

Wineries on Foot

If you’re on for a unique experience, the Wineries on Foot tour is the perfect choice for you. As the name of the tour says, the tour involves gourmet wine tours through vineyards of the Yarra Valley region with guest going either by foot or by bicycle. A truly one-of-a-kind outdoor experience, Wineries on Foot is perfect for wine lovers who love cycling or bushwalking.