Napa Winery Tour Tips and Etiquette

When you travel to Napa Valley, dress casual to semi formal and bring more than pocket change to indulge at the wineries. Over 95% of the wineries charge a tasting fee. Tasting fees average between $10 and $25 per tasting. Some tasting and tours can range as high as $50 a person. Most tasting consists of 1 to 8 different wines. Don’t expect to see all of Napa in one day, there are over 200 wineries to visit in Napa Valley. You shouldn’t drive yourself wine tasting due to the chances of becoming illegal to drive after a few winery tastings. California has harsh repercussions for drunk drivers, renting a tour company is always an option in wine country. There are many tour companies to choose from to ensure no one drinks and drives.

When you arrive at your desired winery, look around and appreciate the views and landscape. This is world-renowned Napa Valley Wine Country! Walk into the winery and approach the tasting counter, the host should greet you and provide a list of tasting options. Don’t crowd the bar, if you don’t have an appointment then wait for a group ahead of you to finish tasting. Make sure you know which wineries you’re planning on visiting are appointments only. You might have to arrange as far as 2 to 4 weeks before to get an reservation at the most popular appointment only wineries.

If you decide to take an entourage with you, with more than 8 you might call some of the wineries ahead of time to let them know you’d like to stop in for a tasting. Swirl, smell, sip, and then taste. Notice the difference smells and depth of colors. Normally you would not ask for a second taste of the same wine unless you express that you’re interested in purchasing the wine. You may swallow every tasting but to not ruin your tasting palate there is often a spittoon to discard the wine. If water is provided use it to cleanse your palate or rinse your glass. Do not become inebriated this is frowned upon and may cause a refuse of service at any winery-tasting bar.

Starting Your Own Winery

Anyone who has always wanted to start a winery needs to do a lot of research prior to taking that big step. If the money is available, whether it is from investors or personal money or even grants, the person considering the venture needs to make certain that the numbers balance out. No one wants to invest in a proposition that is going to lose money.

Owning a winery is not easy. There is no such thing as “immediate return on the money” in a winery. The perfect land must be found prior to making any other plans. While looking at land the buyer has to consider the condition of the soil and research the grapes that will be planted there to see if they will grow and thrive in that type of soil. Altitude, soil type, and temperatures should be investigated. A new winery owner should know what sort of pests might attack the grapes in the vineyard and how to kill them. Is there sufficient water for a new winery in this area? Water quality and rainfall should be tested prior to purchasing the property. You should also know if there are other small wineries in the area and visit them to see what sorts of problems they might have had.

Then, the potential buyer should check with other area land owners to see if there would be any possibility of expanding the winery at a later time if the venture were a success. If not, then he/she should check to see if there was a potential for area land to be leased later on for planting more grapes or if area farmers would be willing to assist with growing specific grapes at a later time.

A lot of research is required to find out if a winery will be productive and if it will be financially successful. A person who wants to start a winery needs to know all there is to know about grapes before he/she even decides where it is to be. He/she must know how the varieties differ and understand the skin colors and what they mean to the flavor of the grape. Then he/she needs to learn about the thickness of the skins and the size of the grapes and how they ripen. While studying these variables, it is important to consider why some types of grapes perform so well in certain places and which sort of variety grows best in which type of soil. If this isn’t enough to totally confuse the person, he/she needs to decide which type of wine will be made from the grape planted.

A person who wishes to start a winery should also consider if there are grants to assist in financing the winery. Some areas might actually be willing to make a small business loan to the owner of a new winery just to be able to bring new business into the areas. New wineries also bring in many visitors who want to find a good new label wine.

Starting a winery involves purchasing things like fermentation tanks, barrels, storage tanks, crushers, steamers, and machinery like tractors. A new owner will want to hire people who are knowledgeable about all areas of wine growth and production. It will also be necessary to know where to get the cuttings and new vines that will become the special wine to be produced.

Some people decide to purchase wineries that are already in operation in order to have personnel already at work that know the grapes, the soil and the processes. Sometimes this is a good move but for the person whose dream is to start his/her own winery the process is a long and detailed one.

Some people begin by learning the history of grape growing and wineries in the area in which they wish to locate the winery. If the winery is to be in a well known wine making area of a particular country, the person should learn the history of the area and of the wine made there. The very first grape grown in the “New World” is still in existence and bearing grapes. It was first noticed by Sir Walter Raleigh’s passengers who found the massive prolific vine on Roanoke Island, N.C. It is known as the Mother Vine and is thought to be about 400 years old. The vine was an indication that the Native Americans actually cultivated the white grape to make wine. If a person were to decide to begin a winery in North Carolina, cultivating the Mother Vine grape and making a version of that historical wine would be one of the best marketing ideas the owner could have and would create an instant interest in the winery from the very beginning. Maybe it was good grape juice or wine that got the people through those cold winters of the 1600’s.

The Top Winery Tours of Yarra Valley

If there is one activity you should not miss when you’re visiting the highly-acclaimed Yarra Valley, it’s joining the winery tours. There are over seventy wineries found in the region, offering world-class quality wines you won’t easily find elsewhere. In the same manner, there are various winery tours you can join if you want to visit winery restaurants, small wine boutiques, and vintage family-owned vineyards.

Wild Wombat Winery Tours

The Wild Wombat Winery Tours is one of the most informative and fun tours the Yarra Valley can offer. It offers a personalized and flexible touring of 4 to 5 wineries plus a gourmet winery lunch, which includes some of the best food and wines found in the region. If you are going out in a social tour, you can request which wineries you want to visit. The tour is very relaxing and comfortable, offering high-end tour vehicles that could accommodate up to 11 persons.

Wine Tours Victoria

Wine Tours Victoria offers one of the most flexible tours in Yarra Valley. Rather than a fixed itinerary, the tour destinations depend on the request of the guests. A typical tour includes an outdoor morning tea, a sumptuous lunch, and a visit to up to 5 wineries. Wine Tours Victoria offers door-to-door pickup from all Melbourne CBD hotels and makes sure every guest is brought back to their accommodations safe and satisfied. With their experienced driver/host, you will surely have one of the most unforgettable winery tours in the region.

Driven Indulgence

Driven Indulgence offers a very affordable luxurious tour of Yarra Valley wineries. They specialize in personalized private wine tours, offering guests their own guide, host, and driver. Driven Indulgence works with you choosing a particular date to take the tour and picking a wine region to visit. If you have your own car with you, you only need to pick a driver. If not, you will be offered a luxury car of your choice. With this flexibility, you can have the winery tour of your dreams with Driven Indulgence!

Wineries on Foot

If you’re on for a unique experience, the Wineries on Foot tour is the perfect choice for you. As the name of the tour says, the tour involves gourmet wine tours through vineyards of the Yarra Valley region with guest going either by foot or by bicycle. A truly one-of-a-kind outdoor experience, Wineries on Foot is perfect for wine lovers who love cycling or bushwalking.

California Winery Business Discussed

It has been known that El Nino/La Nina changes very much affect the California Wine crop and Winery Industry and this year’s switch over will be no different. It should also be realized that the global market for wine is expanding, perhaps you have heard; the Chinese are drinking up a storm. Therefore, I am not so sure all this negativity in the Northern California wine sector is correct. One could say that the real estate bubble caused many to pay way too much for winery properties at a point that they could never get a decent ROI on their land.

These extra costs are not a product of a failing wine market, rather they are the irrational purchasing by speculators or wealthy folks that perhaps wanted a tax write-off business and always wanted to retire in the wine country. One could say that any economic strife from those sorts of winery business models, or boutique wines is merely a “reality check” coming back into free-market conditions, while the next boost and long term growth cycle in the sector awaits. Remember the wine business too is somewhat cyclical.

Also, realize that the global economic crisis did challenge consumers, and mid-range products due to price sensitive buying behavioral changes, again temporary, especially considering all the new wine consumers coming online world-wide as folks emerge from poverty. Now then let’s discuss all this in more detail, shall we?

El Nino weather changes “supply” of yields and thus, prices (supply and demand), meanwhile, the Two-Buck-Chuck syndrome where low-cost wine became trendy did reduce the allure of the middle range products, and softened upper ranges, and the economy of course as a whole effects “elective” consumer spending as most of the winery industry articles in the Wine Trade Journals suggest and indicate.

Further, like all luxury brands in all categories have gotten slaughtered lately, many of which currently in deep-discounting survival mode, all of this should have been expected. Wineries must use low-cost branding tactics and go with low-cost high-volume type strategies for now. This will soon change, and the California Winery Region will be open for business with high-end customers again.

Too, the “California Wine Property Rush” was spectacular indeed, way out of control, and the thought of ROI based on those high real estate purchase prices and increased competition – simply not doable under the market conditions, and economic factors. So reality will bring it all back. But Whooyah! The Chinese upper-middle class demand is coming online too. Yes, I bought some Trader Joe’s wine the other day $5.99 a bottle, the stuff is excellent, so I bought a case. Why break out the good stuff after the first bottle when guests are visiting? They don’t care, and the $5.99 stuff is excellent, it actually tastes better.

If you’d like to think more on the winery business branding strategies needed to excel, I’d recommend that you read the book; “Zag” it’s pretty good, and there are ways to survive if you are a winery. Now then, back to the property cost challenges.

Turkish food , the recipes of the most delicious foods

Turkish foodThe best Turkish food :

Turkey has a lot of delicious and varied dishes and that is why it is very popular among people all over the world.  In this post, we are going to explain the recipe for different types of Turkish dishes.

Turkish food, Simit :

Simit is one of the most delicious and famous Turkish bread that has many fans. Make this delicious bread at home with the recipe below.

Turkish food

Ingredients for making Simit :

  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Liquid oil
  • Salt
  • Flour
  • Baker’s yeast

Ingredients to the top of Simit :

Grape juice or date juice

Water to dilute syrup

Sesame seeds and black seeds

How to make Turkish Simit bread :

Mix two tablespoons of sugar and yeast and then pour the warm milk over it. Let it stay like that for 4 minutes.

In a separate bowl, mix the rest of the sugar and some of the liquid oil . And then add yeast and milk on it. Pour half the flour you have over the ingredients and stir together and gradually add the rest of the flour until you obtain a soft paste.

Pour some flour on a table and transfer the dough there. Cook it for about 5 minutes. Pour about 4 tablespoons of liquid oil on the bottom of a large pan. Spin the dough on this pan and make it all oily and then put this pas in a warm and humid place. After 50 minutes place the dough on your desk and make the pieces of it like an orange. You can bake the bread in the shape of an orange or you can make it look like a long strand and twist it and connect the two ends and then bake it. For the top of this bread sprinkle the diluted syrup with a brush and then popped sesame seeds and black seeds.  to keep away the bread from dryness use a damp cloth and carefully put it on the bread. Warm the oven and place Downstairs oven another pan full of water to fill it with steam. Then place the bread in the oven for about 15 minutes.

Turkish food, Iskender kebab :

It is a traditional food in Turkey and a special kind of kebab that serve with yogurt and sauce and bread. The meat we use should be neither too fat nor fat-free. The special kind of this kebab is made in Bursa. Although  In most Turkish cities you can see Iskender kebab on the menu of any restaurant, what is made in Busra is much different and more delicious.

Ingredients of Iskender kebab :

  • Veal
  • Butter
  • Yogurt
  • Pide bread
  • Tomato paste and pepper

How to make Iskender kebab :

Slice the meat very thin and bake it in a pan with a little butter.

Melt some butter in another pan and add the tomato paste and meat juice and let it boil and then put them away from the oven.

Slice the bread into small squares and dressed them with butter. Then fry it for 2 to 5 minutes in a pan (don’t fry too much ).

Put small pieces of bread on a plate and pour two tablespoons of meat juices on them and sprinkle with a few tomato pastes.

Put the thin meat on the bread and then apply the remaining paste to the meat.

Melt some butter and pour it on the kebab. And serve with grilled pepper, grilled tomatoes, and yogurt.

Turkish food, Borek :

Turkish food

 Borek in one of the most famous snacks among the Turkish people . Borek is an extremely popular snack in Turkey . This appetizer is consists of a dough and favorite ingredients.  to make this food ,Turkish people wrap cheese and vegetables in Uefka dough breakfast and use sausages ,tomatoes,olives,vegetables ,cheese ,sweet peppers ,and many other ingredients for lunch .also they use minced beef ,poultry ,spinach ,mushrooms and eggs to making Borek .

Birek is a very simple and tasty food and you can make it in your home depending on your taste and time .

Ingredients of Borek:

Uefka dough



Olive oil

Creamy cheese


Egg yolk

Salt and pepper

How to make Borek :

Cook potatoes on boiled water and chop onion and saute it in some oil . Then finally chop or grate the potatoes and add to the onion and then add a little salt and pepper. After a few roast you can put them away from heat .

After that you must add cheese  and mix it with ingredients.  Roll out the dough and apply egg yolk on it then put some ingredients into the dough. Turn the edge of the dough over and apply some egg yolk again .

Pour some oil in the bottom of tray and put the dough on it and then put it in the oven . After 20-30 minutes you can serve it with desired sauce . You can also pour a small amount of oil into the pan and fry the sides of Borek .

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Persian Foods – Epersian Food

Epersian Food

The easiest sweet treats this winter

Arm yourself with a can of sweetened condensed milk and some quick dessert recipes for a sweet winter this year.

The winter has truly set in all over the country, and while you love the season, cooking extensive meals takes its toll on you.

Washing up a spate of ingredients in freezing water, forcing your numb hands to knead, chop, roll, split and maneuver your food into delicious recipes all results in you spending a lot of time whipping up meals instead of relaxing on your couch with a blanket. It’s true that a warm kitchen is a source of comfort in the winter months, but it is even more comforting to cook a sweet recipe quickly and devour it in the embrace of your sofa or bed!

So, which are the quick and easy winter sweets you can make? We recommend going with the tried and tested gulab jamun, or gajar ka halwa, or anjeer ka halwa. But wait – if you are going to use the traditional recipes to make these, then you will spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Take a less complicated way out – make gulab jamuns and other sweet treats in just a few steps using Milkmaid condensed milk.

Condensed milk in desserts – why didn’t you think of this sooner?

When you use condensed milk in Indian or Western desserts, you end up saving not just time and effort, but also two ingredients – milk and sugar.

Condensed milk imparts a rich creaminess to the dessert, whether it is cake or halwa, gulab jamun or smoothies. The texture of the dish becomes decadent and velvety, thus satiating the eater much more. Also, condensed milk mixes quickly without leaving any lumps in other dry ingredients like sugar – you often see this happening when you use a material like khoya and paneer. Thus, your prep time is reduced, and the end result is even more delicious than before.

Milkmaid has so many easy winter dessert recipes that you will be left wondering which one to start with first. They minimize cooking time and have just a few steps to follow, so even amateur cooks can whip up delicious sweet treats in just a few minutes. For instance, the usual method of preparing gulab jamuns will have you sweating over the cooktop for at least two hours. But with the condensed milk recipe, you are done and dusted in just about 30 minutes from start to finish. And the recipe only calls for about 3 steps in all!

Desserts for the winter – essential ingredients

* Ghee: We recommend upping your intake of clarified butter or ghee during the winter months. It aids absorption of nutrients, better joint health, improved digestion, and increased warmth.

* Fibrous fruit and vegetables: Whenever possible, include fruit and vegetables like carrots, beetroot, sweet potato, oranges, guava and apples to get the maximum benefit of dietary fiber.

* Full fat milk: To add good fats to your diet and increase warmth.

The Undiscovered Anderson Valley Wineries

Surrounded by 2500-foot high mountains, Anderson Valley opens up its beauty to the coast towards its eastern end, allowing the summertime fog to touch its surroundings. Let’s explore and have a taste of what a visit to Anderson Valley wineries is like!

Navarro Vineyards

Tucked in a small valley beneath the rolling hills is the Navarro Vineyards, famous for the Alsatian varieties, especially its big-nosed gewürztraminer. You can only take advantage of these wines here and at some indie restaurants and shops. If you are a non-drinker, worry not because this one of the best Anderson Valley wineries offer you a wide selection of deliciously prepared unfermented grape juices.

Lazy Creek Vineyards

The smallest among all the wineries in the area, the Lazy Creek Vineyards serves gorgeous wines that are exceptionally paired with delectable dishes. Most wines here are unfiltered and organic, lending its tasters the specific fullness to satisfy their mouth’s desire. Among all Anderson Valley wineries, this is the only winery that grows pinot blanc, and its popular gewürztraminer vines belong to the oldest species in the U.S. Its funky little wine tasting room is also the winery’s barrel room so expect it to be chilly inside.

Esterlina Vineyards

Esterlina Vineyards lies high above the Anderson Valley. It has spectacular views, making it a perfect spot for a family picnic. Because this winery gets its fruits from five different vineyards, it makes a wide variety of delicious wines. Aside from the local specialties, chardonnay, pinot noir, and Riesling, Esterlina also offers big, chewy cabernets and zinfandels. The hilltop location of this winery makes it a perfect place to visit if you want a combination of wine tasting activities and scenic drive.

Husch Vineyards

Creeping roses can be seen at the four corners of this 100-year old redwood wine tasting room. Among all the Anderson Valley wineries, Husch Vineyards has the oldest and healthiest pinot noir vines, almost 40 years old. This winery makes both Burgundy and California- style pinots. It also offers two styles chardonnay. All its wines are grown and bottled at the estate and most of them are of single varieties.

Handley Cellars

Do not forget to check out the cool collection of Eastern and African artifacts at this winery. The Handley Cellars makes really good estate-grown chardonnay and gewürztraminer. You can also find worthwhile pinot gris, pinot noir, and pinot rose. The wines here are definitely worth tasting; however, it is really the artwork here that captures any visitors’ imagination.